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Stick & Ball TV

Our Mission

To educate, empower, and elevate the baseball and softball communities by providing affordable access to world-class training content.

Our Story

When our son and daughters were playing youth baseball and softball, we were hungry to learn more about coaching our children. We wanted to make sure we kept up with the latest training and player development techniques and ways we could help our children: (1) Improve the skills necessary to play the game; and (2) Experience success on the field so they had FUN and wanted to play baseball and softball for years to come.

We played high school softball and collegiate baseball and possessed what we’d categorize as high baseball and softball IQ’s. However, after hours of wasted time and countless deep dives into YouTube ‘rabbit holes’ of baseball and softball instructional videos, it became obvious to us that someone needed to do something to solve this problem. And, after speaking with numerous parents with children on our teams, it became clear that we were not alone in our struggles.

In May 2018, we made the decision to embark on this journey and set the goal of becoming the #1 trusted resource for baseball and softball coaches, parents, and players in the world.

We are just beginning! And we look forward to building this resource with you.

April & Jeremy Harrell Founders