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Stick & Ball TV

Foot Placement

Foot Placement

Weighted Balls

Stretch Position

Attacking Hitters

Evaluating Pitchers

Arm Position at Stride Foot Contact

Wind Up - Traditional

Hooking the Rubber

Wind Up - Common Errors (Straddle)

Long Toss

Torso Rotation Test

Evaluating Hitters

Analyze Video

Movement Quality vs. Force Production

Arm Position at Stride Foot Contact (Part 2)

Hand Break (Supination-Pronation)

Pelvic Twist Test

Hip Hinge Test

Hand Break (Glove tap, Athletic Move)

Stretch Position (Foot Position)

Intro to Controlling the Running Game

Get Outs

Importance of the Changeup

When to Hold Runners - Larry Owens

Holding Runners - Youth Intro

Holding Runners at 2nd - for Shortstop (Cont'd)

Holding Runners at 2B - for Shortstop

Have A Plan

Pickoff Move - Left-Handed Pitcher

Hook 'em Horns Signs

Catcher Pitch Calling - Pitch to Strengths

It's a Process

Pitching is More than Just the Delivery

Don't Manage the Game, Just Pitch

Pickoff to 2B - Left-Handed Pitcher

Holding Runners at 1B - Part 2

Pickoff Move - Right-Handed Pitcher

Holding Runners at 1B

Pickoff to 2B - Right-Handed Pitcher

Holding Runners at 2B - for Second Baseman

Tricep Push

Mechanics off the Mound

Split Stance - Low to High Pull

10 Toes Down

Scapular Retraction-Protraction

ITY Band Series


D2 Pattern Extension

90-90 Drill

Throwing Motion Acceleration Pt.2

External Rotation

Internal and External Rotation

Bent Horizontal Arm Raise

Point and Shoot Single Leg Drill

Get to Know Me

Fundamentals of Mechanics

Load and Reach

Load and Reach and Release

1 Shoulder Throwing Motion Acceleration

Pitch Grip

The Set Position

Leg Lift and Balance


Extension and Finish

Changeup Grip

Arm Care